The importance of bedding in the bedroom decor

Gone are flannel sheets that put us our mother so we don’t go cold during the winter. Those warm sheets did not stand precisely for its good taste, but it is something that in recent years has changed, and the bedding is as equally important to decorate the other elements of the bedroom.

bedding in bedroom decor

And it is a well decorated room is one that controls all and every one of the details without leaving anything to chance. Not only the furniture or wall paint are important, it is also necessary that the most common accessories are in perfect harmony with the rest of the decor, hence the importance of bedding in the bedroom decor.

Quality and comfort in bedding

Do not underestimate the choice of bedding. Furthermore, special attention must be paid to the quality of the product, its fibers and fabrics.

Quality and comfort in bedding

The fibers are better natural than synthetic. Cotton is the most common natural fiber in bedding. We find it in mattress protectors, pillow protectors, sheets, duvet covers, quilts and bedspreads, among others.

Its main advantage is that it is a very breathable and durable fiber, so you will feel comfortable when sleeping and help you rest better. 100% cotton terry cloth protector prevents stains or sweats from entering the mattress and protects it. It also has a soft and comfortable touch.

The same happens with the pillow protector, essential to preserve the pillow avoiding friction and wear and keeping it free of stains and liquids.

Bed sheets mark the style of the bedroom

More and more brands that create authentic textiles marvels, not only in bed sheets and quilts, but also cushions, covers, duvet covers, etc.

Bedding, finally, after all, it is just marking the style of bedroom, if we like the bed sheets or pillowcases in nordic smooth tones, we can always give a different touch to the room with bold prints cushions or maintain the same color line than the rest of the textile.

bed sheets or pillowcases

These textiles are no longer limited to the white color, but there is a great variety of plain colors and prints, where it becomes even difficult to choose the one that we like the most of so much variety that currently exists on the market. Drawings or shades convey sensations; therefore, it is convenient to choose bedding carefully.

The bed sheets are the clothing that will be in contact with our body the most and it is very important to keep them clean and fresh. The first thing we have to take into account is to wash them maximum every 15 days, although it is more advisable to wash them once a week, to avoid being in contact with mites or bacteria.

When we put them in the washing machine, we will have to look at the washing labels where the manufacturer tells us how to do this task properly.

As the sets of sheets do not usually have very difficult stains, the most normal thing is to wash them with hot or lukewarm water to be able to eliminate bacteria, etc. If our washing machine has a suitable program for each type of fabric, perfect, cleaning will be done with much more precision.

Once washed, we can dry it in the dryer without any problem, but it is more advisable to dry it naturally and in the open air to keep the colors and the pattern intact.


In the case of bedspreads and quilts, we can use the same tricks. Like the rest of the bedding, it is best to put only the duvet or bedspread in the washing machine and wash with short cycles at a warm temperature. Although all comforters and bedspreads can be washed the same, it is important to look at the washing labels for exact care, as the material can vary.

Drying in the dryer is the fastest nowadays, but air drying is better for these types of products. For this, we completely spread the quilt or the quilt on a flat surface, thus avoiding that some parts remain wet and everything dries equally.

Another trick to prevent the filling from hardening or accumulating all in one part is to put several tennis balls in the washing machine. In this way, thanks to the blows, the filling will remain spread throughout the quilt.

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What we must remember is that the bedding has to take extra care if we have cotton textiles, will be easier to wash, but sooner or later end up losing its color. However, silk or satin needed much more specific care to not end up spoiling.