The futuristic style in decoration

One of the trends in decoration has always had followers, although not usually fit into the key trends, is the futuristic style, which had its heyday back in the 70s, especially in many homes in United States. Currently, we are trying to revive this style to new ideas and proposals. Therefore, we are going to show the main lines of the futuristic style in the decor, so that you can adapt it to your home.

futuristic decor

The charm of this style is that, although known futurist, has true retro feel that reminds us of the science fiction films of decades ago.

Colors and furniture
The futuristic style decor stems from the American science fiction films and to imitate those homes that were shown, and even the aesthetics of spacecraft crossing the galaxy in search of adventure.

It accommodates the very large spaces and minimalist, which dominates all white above all others, both on walls and furniture. We can also find other colors as gaudy neon lights that complement the aforementioned white, adding a pretty futuristic touch. These lights can be placed under furniture or behind some boxes.

The furniture for this type of decoration should be as simple as possible and with smooth, to follow the prevailing norm of minimalism. Therefore, we should avoid environments recharged and full of unnecessary items.

Materials used
As for the materials used in the futuristic decor, dominated by chromed steel and glass, but we can also use wood and leather to simulate the look that could have a ship. Following this idea, come into play with the windows forms and even extravagant hatch that simulate perfectly what it would be a cabin of the space shuttle.

Finally, one of the most important points of this type of decoration is to always seek originality and try new ideas that will surprise those who see our house for the first time, looking to have the feeling of being in a home in the next century.