The folk style in our home

One of the best known styles merge elements of different cultures is, without a doubt, the folk. This type of decoration, despite having a few established bases, constantly plays with the mixture and the combination of all kinds of elements that can come from totally opposite styles together. Because of this, we have a very open type of decoration that gives us complete freedom when doing so.

folk style in home

The air that follows this style is very romantic as well as ethnic, so it is a combination to take into account when decorating our home.

Ethnic Inspiration
If we talk about folk style colors on the walls, we’ll be talking necessarily of white and neutral tones because they are the basis of this type of decoration and from which we will include other elements.

If, however, we do not paint the walls, the other outstanding feature is definitely the wood, which is placed on floors and walls that rustic touch giving so characteristic of this style.

We must not forget the ethnic inspiration which will be present in the patterns of the decorative elements such as sofas and carpets with geometric shapes and bright colors. In this style everything done manually takes on great importance.

In terms of furniture and accessories used to decorate, no matter whatever something ornate, which is another feature of the style. It is not strange to find furniture curved lines as opposed to geometric shapes mentioned above.

Mixed cultures
Another very important aspect is the inclusion of objects or elements from other cultures that do not have to be related. We can, for example, take inspiration from Northern Europe rustic embroideries and at the same time in the patterned fabrics used in South America.

Therefore, we have a style full of possibilities in which simply find a harmony between the elements only along the bases which have been mentioned above, are those on which this folk style is built.