The dining room between kitchen and living room!

As we prepare to organize the house, one of the questions we are most comes to mind is whether to place the dining area in the living room or kitchen. In many cases, the distribution of our house, we have no alternative other than to put the dining room in the living room. But, if we have gap on both sides. What to choose?

place dining area

If your choice is to put the dining room in the kitchen, it takes a lot of distribution. So only set a table, hopefully that can expand, to eat and then pick and occupying less. And put a chair and a stool.

In contrast, if for one reason or another, you have to put the dining room in the living room, it’s a more complicated issue. Normally, the dining area is situated in front of the exit of the terrace and next to the door that is closest to the kitchen.

To separate stays, i.e., the dining room and the living room is usually used a sofa that is at least two places. And then from there is already distributed the lounge.

As for the decoration of an area and the other, can be the same or different. It is advisable to go for styles that do not hit much. What we can do is paint the walls corresponding to the room one color, and the dining room from another. Of course, as with the style of decoration, that balance a little.

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