The correct height of the tables

When choosing a table is not only important to look at its shape and the material it is made, but we must also look at its height. The tables vary in height according to its use, its may be dining tables, desks or kitchen tables.

correct height of the tables

The height of a table according to its use
If we focus on the dining tables, it is advisable, when choosing a table or another, it is that height in mind, and it must be suitable to eat comfortably. Ideally, these tables have a height of 90 cm so that we can cut and serve food without problems.

However, it is not only essential to a good choice of the table, but just as important will be the height of the chairs, because no good having a good table with chairs that do not have the necessary measures. Therefore, that dining room chairs should be between 45 and 50 cm height for tables of 90 cm.

As for the table desk, these usually have a height between 80 and 85 cm. Such measures are perfect, because this time we should facilitate the study, writing and computer use, and other tasks. Although we have a table with these measures, it is also important to choose the chair. In general, chairs that tend to choose for desktop tables are the rotating, since they have the option to adjust the height according to our needs.

Kitchen tables and its height
In the kitchen we can put tables having a measure as well as a dining table; and even the same or slightly higher than a desk table.

However, we can also bet on the kitchen counters. These have a greater size than the previous tables, because they have a height between 100 and 105 cm from the ground. However, we can also bet by kitchen bars. Kitchen bars are ideal for breakfast in them, to prepare and enjoy cocktails or as a minibar in our home area. Having a greater height will need higher stools or chairs, therefore, the measures that will have are between 75 and 80 cm.