The clean up move

Moving from one house to another can be quite stressful. There is much work to be done in terms of clearing bills, sending out details of your new address and if the house that you are moving out from, is a rented one, then you have to make sure to clean up the place lest you get slapped with a fine that will result in part of your deposit money being cut.

clean up place

This cleaning does not simply mean a little dusting here and some vacuuming there but a thorough clean up of the home thus leaving it spotless, just the way it was when you first stepped in after having accepted the rental agreement. Landlords and property owners are pretty strict and will not hesitate to cut down on your deposit should they feel that the cleaning was not up to the standard.

A shade lighter
When moving out of the house, you should know that your landlord or property management agent expects the following from you in terms of cleaning up. To start with the kitchen, every cabinet and shelf must be cleaned, dusted and wiped. If the refrigerator in the house came with it then you need to defrost and clean it. Table tops, tiles and work benches need to be infected and wiped dry. Ovens and other equipment need to be cleaned too.

The floor needs a good steaming and mopping done. While the washing machine, dish washer and dryer are in need of a wipe, do remember to dust the light fittings. The lounge area, hallway and stairways need to be given the same treatment. You will need to clean up cabinets and shelves, dust the light fittings, polish up any fittings that adorn the lounge area, vacuum the carpet, clean and wipe up doors, windows and mirrors. The television also needs a little dusting too.

Cleaning up of every bedroom and attached bathroom comes next. From dusting the doors and windows, light fittings and cupboards, to mopping the floors clean, you need to get down and dirty to ensure that every little nook and corner is taken care of before you hand over the keys to your owner. You need to ensure that the bathroom tiles, shower screens and heads are de-scaled too.

Doing all this can be a little too much for you. So here’s where you need to seek professional help. This end of tenancy cleaning agreement clean up, can be done by a company who specializes in cleaning up of facilities, homes and other such places. The team of cleaners are the best in the business and will clean up your home beyond the expectations of your landlord.

There are certain things that you need to do like ensuring the availability of warm water to clean the house and parking space for one vehicle that will carry all the cleaning equipment. There are certain limitations to the services provided and should you need your windows to be cleaned from the outside too, then you will require one of their specialist window cleaners. The best thing about this end of tenancy cleaning is that, you can concentrate on moving into your new home while the cleaning agency deals with you previous one. To make the most of the services provided, all that you need to do is get on the phone and dial their number.