The black color for decoration is going strong

There is a color that is always in decor, but few dare to add, it is the black. However, the black color for decoration is going strong and if you know how to use it will bring style and fashion to your home.

black color for decoration

Leave behind the prejudices, open your mind and, especially, your home to the black color for the decor that is attacking and is ready to jump in all the homes that wish to boast of personality. Do you have already opened the door? Join these tips and triumphs in black:

If you have a bright living room although it is not very wide, it is the perfect place to use black, so it is in a bedroom with these characteristics. Try the effect of painting one wall in black and discover how it looks to natural light, providing a personal and original touch to your living room or bedroom.

In small spaces you can also play with the black, for example in the bathroom or kitchen, dare to choose metal lamps in black or black tiles with glossy finish to an area only, never in the room. The trick to give life is to fill in the space with fluorine colors or the black to give a spatial brightness.

The black and white contrast is always a success; it is easy to incorporate into the kitchen, the living room or a workspace, for example. You’ll get elegance and sophistication if you choose, for example, chairs and/or sofas with black skin, with furniture and white walls. For minimalist spaces is the most spectacular combination.

If you like decoration objects such as candles, vases or sculptures of bright green or yellow colors, the black is the perfect color for the furniture on which to place them. On black background, these vital tones gain in definition and brilliance, resulting in a very chic and modern combination, but very balanced.

With these simple and practical tips, the black color to the decor that is going strong, will not be for you anymore a problem and will look in your home with style and further enhancing your decorating details and furniture.