The best materials for shower curtains

There are several suitable materials for our shower curtains. It is not necessary always to resort to this plastic that sticks and uncomfortable when taking a shower. Today we will discuss the best materials for shower curtains.

shower curtains

We can choose natural materials or synthetic materials for shower curtains, see its features.

Natural materials such as cotton and linen
As mentioned earlier, the plastic that stick to the skin and does not let go while we shower is very uncomfortable and we should avoid placing this type of curtains in the bathroom. How? Since using other materials such as cotton or linen. These natural materials will be wet, but in favor it’s dry very fast. In addition, elegance to a bathroom is far superior to the plastic.

But something to keep in mind is that, if we use natural materials, are unlikely to be waterproof. If we want them to be waterproof inevitably be necessary to resort to synthetic materials like plastic. But there are some more like polyester or vinyl that will not be as uncomfortable as plastic. Both are very practical, as well resist water and prevent passes. Moreover, its price is quite low compared to natural materials.

Original ideas
In any case, we decide by natural or synthetic materials, we can do different things to decorate our shower curtains.

For example, we can paint with waterproof paint, still recommended the permanent paintings. We can also choose to sew some buttons or patches to give an original touch to our bathroom.

If we decided to paint the curtain, it is recommended to pick it up and use a template to draw silhouettes or motives that we want. Then paint with permanent paint and suitable material for shower curtains.