Ten types of tiles for the roof

Prevent flooding our house, insulate heat, filter the light, and help us save energy and therefore money… With the passage of time the tiles have been modernized and have acquired powers for centuries or imagined. Here are ten types of best known tiles for roof:

tiles for roof

French Tile

Its design makes the French tile mold to every roof, whatever its forms, slopes or structures. You can find them in dozens of colors and it is compact and ergonomic. A great option, without doubt, that has been very effective in filtering water from the roofs.

Colonial Tile

The best-known. The colonial tile could say that is typical tile, which since we have all seen in small towns, full of moss and often broken, and had to change and reposition so that the rains do not flood the interior of the houses.

colonial tile

Now, like everything else, it has been modernized, but not loses the old, classic touch, which distinguishes it from other tiles. It is also very ergonomic, and its price makes it a great choice.

This tile is placed ‘u’ shaped reverse one next to another and another group that is face up, i.e. so that the right side of the first tile placed in ‘u’ reverse within the left end of the underlying shingle placed ‘u’ shaped, and the left end of the next shingle in ‘u’ reverse within the right of the same bottom tile. And so on.

Portuguese Tile

Similar to the colonial tile, but with an extension that makes connecting with other tiles.

Copper Tile

copper tile

The current techniques have facilitated the copper tiles acquire designs similar to those of any other classic tile. Is it its main attraction? That your roof will be the most fun of the neighborhood: with the passage of time, the copper shingles wear out and vary their initial salmon by others, even reaching the green. The problem is that these shingles, of the oldest there, are quite expensive.

Asphalt Tile

asphalt tile

Asphalt tiles are easily placed on any surface, conform perfectly to the corners, are waterproof, highly resistant to inclement weather and, although little, reduce the heat of the room on which are placed. But do not make the mistake of using asphalt tiles as a thermal insulator.

Norman Tile

It is used mainly in roofing slate and is a great option for price and in case of need to hastily cover the roof.

Photovoltaic roof tile

But for solar roof, photovoltaic tiles. Energy saving is your thing in the long run, this is your tile.

Glass Tile

glass tile

One of the last to arrive. Glass tile, in addition to brighter our home, has been uncovered as ecological, as a Swedish company has built a model that collects solar energy and distributes it home.

Metal tiles

Very resistant, either rain, hail, at low or high temperatures. Its shape is similar to any other tile, and it is coated with another material, usually stone gravel, acrylic sealer, thereby protecting the metal and preventing it from corroding.

Concrete tile

A tile will make your roof is heavy and sturdy. However, concrete tile is more flexible than you think, so the hits will not be a problem.