Stone sinks for cozy bathrooms

If you want a different piece that brings personality and style to your bathroom, stone sinks are a very valid option that you should look, because, among its great advantages, you will find that are current and versatile.

stone sinks

The stone has always been among the materials used in decoration and is not far from a novelty of the moment; however, reinvent themselves each season and adapted to the new trends and tastes to give answer all the needs.

Do not worry if your bathroom is large or small, is not a problem if you need one or two sink, and style you prefer not be an obstacle to having a stone basin if you really like. Stone is a natural material that, thanks to the current skills of design and creation, turns into the perfect wash-basin in all the cases.

To succeed in the choice of your perfect stone basin, you need only to choose which style you want give to your bathroom, or choose one according to the rest of elements and decor that you already have in the toilet.

  • The rustic styles are perfect to put stone sinks. In this case, you opt for little treated stones and having a natural look. In terms of form, better rounded and countertop, reminiscent of ancient basins.
  • The wash-basins of more polished stones and in dark or gray tones with rectangular shapes and shades are ideal for minimalist and modern design bathrooms. Always accompany them with a taps of very modern design fitting.
  • For a small or a with a difficult form, stone basins as the perfect solution, but obviously the budget will be higher, and you will enjoy a unique element in your bathroom.
  • If you like vintage or retro style, quartz or granite stones are perfect for its pink tones. As for the form and setting, you can choose embedded sinks in wooden furniture or wrought iron structures, a sure wise move.

The stone sinks offer many possibilities for the creation of environments and styles, always keeping the warm and personal touch that only a natural element like stone can offer. In addition, enjoy a basin that is robust and durable, easy to maintain.