Step by Step Guide to removing troublesome tree stumps

Removing tree stumps can seem like a difficult endeavour, but with a few helpful tips it can be a very manageable project to take on. One of the first things to be done before starting the removal process is to research the type of root system for that particular tree. The research will provide information on how the root system has grown, and from that information it can be determined which process of removing the stump is best.

removing tree stumps

Another factor to consider is the older or smaller the tree was, the easier the stump will be to remove. The second thing to do is to have the right tools for the job. Take the time to read our suggestions below but if you don’t think you can remove the tree stumps yourself then you can always rely on a Surrey stump grinding service to carry out the work in your local area, whether you be looking for stump grinding in Camberely or nearby.

Option One: Hand Removal
If the stump is going to be removed by hand then the tools needed will include a shovel, an axe, a root saw, a chain, and a truck or wench system to pull the stump from the ground. This method may not be the quickest way to remove the stump, but is by far the least expensive. Here are a few tips for removing a stump by hand.

  • Use a shovel to expose the roots.
  • Cut the large roots with an axe or chainsaw.
  • Push on the stump to expose more, deeper roots and continue cutting the exposed roots.
  • Wrap a chain around the stump and pull it from the ground.

Option Two: Stump Grinding
Depending on the root system of the tree, another tool option is a stump grinder. This tool can be rented from most equipment rental stores for about $150.00 a day. This is a quick way to remove several stumps in a relatively short amount of time. Additional tools are needed such as a shovel, personal safety equipment, an axe, and a rake. Before attempting to use a stump grinder have someone at the rental store explain how to use the equipment. Because using this type of equipment can be dangerous, hiring a professional for the job might be a better option. The cost for removing a few stumps is usually the same as renting a stump grinder.

Option Three: Chemical and Burning
If time is not an issue, a third option for stump removal is to use chemicals (potassium nitrate) designed to kill the stump. The tools needed for this option include a drill, chain saw or axe, and fuel oil. A few steps to follow are:

  • Drill holes into the stump.
  • Pour chemicals into the stump and fill with water.
  • Wait about five weeks for the stump to become spongy.
  • Soak the stump in fuel.
  • Ignite the stump and let it smolder until the stump is gone.

The options of how to remove a tree stump are as varied as the type of tree stump that is being removed. Cost, time, and physical labour may be the best way to determine which option to choose.