Specific Methods for Refurbishing Wooden Furniture

It is unavoidable that furniture becomes old after using for a long period. People may feel uncomfortable with old look furniture in home. Usually there are two selections for people at this moment: buy new one or refurbish it. If the furniture is still in good condition, refurbishing is a money-saving and interesting choice. Do it yourself is popular in modern day, is not it? Here are five methods to refurbish old wooden furniture, hope they can help you give new look to your wooden furniture.

wooden furniture

Method one: refinishing paint
When wax oil is stained on the surface of wooden furniture, do not remove the wax oil with blade or finger nail. Strike off the wax oil with plastic sheet battering slightly under good light ray and then clean the residual with fine cloth. If the paint on wooden furniture is scratched, you can coat crayon or pigment with similar color to cover the wound and then apply a thin layer of transparent nail polish on it. For the burn mark on wooden furniture, you can remove it by wiping slightly with toothpick covered in hard cloth. Remember to coat a layer of wax after wiping.

Method two: repair pit
Some furniture will leave pit after collision for soft woodiness. You can repair it by covering wet rag in the pit, ironing with heating iron. If the pit is deep, filling should be used.

Method three: repair crack
It is common phenomenon for solid wood furniture to have crack because heat expansion and cold contraction. Here is the remedy for it: incinerate old cotton cloth or jute bag; stir it with raw tung oil into paste; fill it into the crack. Another for repair wooden furniture crack is tear waste paper into pieces. Boil it with alums and water into paste. Fill it into the crack after the paste cooling.

Method four: repair bulging
After the decoration veneering has bulging, cut in the central of bulging part along the wood grain with sharp blade. Fill glue in the seam with injector. Press slightly on the bulging part. Clean the exceeded glue with wet rag. Cover a heavy item with smooth bottom on the bulging part. For preventing the overflowed glue sticking the heavy item, plastic film should be used to separate them.

Method five: remove water mark
There would be water mark on the furniture if you do not dry it timely after water dropped on it. Here is the solution: cover wet rag on the water mark; press the iron on the wet rag several times. The water mark will disappear for the water content evaporates after meeting heat.