One of the most important focal points of any home is the choice of seating, not only to complement the interior decor, but to reflect personal style and practical requirements.

leather sofa

While quality leather sofas have long been a favorite choice of interior designers for their elegance and aura of rich sophistication, more and more customers are choosing this option for their own homes, not only for their stylish appearance and wide range of color choices, but also for their versatility and well-known durability.

Warm in winter and cool in summer, luscious leather offers great value and long lasting comfort. It stretches and moulds to the body and it’s tough, so if you have children or pets its ideal for keeping its good looks over the years, especially since any spills are easily wiped off.

Having the advantage of suiting both contemporary or traditional homes and decor, leather sofas can now be obtained in a variety of styles and sizes to enhance any room, from small two seaters for occasional use in a hall or a bedroom, to generous 2 or 3 piece suites or large corner suites, which can be arranged as appropriate for the available space in a living room or in groups for the comfort of all the family. Obviously dimensions are important, so it’s a good idea to measure the size of the room and to plan the location of your furniture beforehand.

Remember there are several grades of leather available, with top grain or aniline being the softer and more pliable. However quality ‘finished’ leather might be a better choice to withstand the rigors of an active household. It won’t stain nearly as readily. It’s easier to clean and fades less quickly.

Whatever your eventual choice, you can rest assured that buying leather seating for your home will be an investment you won’t regret!