Sofa beds have a hard life

For a family, living-rooms are often the cosiest room where everybody can get together and relax, cuddle up on the sofa and watch TV. They can also double as occasional bedrooms when the grandparents are visiting, or for sleepovers, so good sofa beds will be a versatile and useful addition.

sofa bed

But finding one that is as comfortable as a sofa as it is as a bed is easier said than done. With cheaper models, the quality of the mattress will often be the first thing that is sacrificed, and you will very quickly find yourself with a mattress so thin and compacted that guests can feel every single spring – and a sofa which sags when you sit on it. So always invest in the best sofa bed you can afford.

The quality of the mechanism of the sofa bed is another element to consider, so check how many years yours is guaranteed for. If you are buying from a shop rather than online, ask to convert the sofa into a bed yourself, and you will see immediately whether it works freely and whether it is easy to do – it shouldn’t require Herculean strength or an engineering degree!

Style is obviously an important factor, but if you have a family, your sofa bed should also be practical. Fabric can feel warmer, but it can be more difficult to keep clean with grubby little hands at work, so always choose a model with removable, washable covers.

Scatter cushions are very popular and they indeed add a touch of sophistication to any interior, but how long, realistically, will it take before they are involved in playful fights between your children? Chances are you will be picking them up constantly so you may want to think twice about it!