Single Sink Vs Double Sink: Advantages and Disadvantages

Visually, perhaps a sink with two spaces seems more striking and practical than one with just one, but when choosing a specific type you should consider the advantages and disadvantages of a double sink or single sink, which we will present in details below.

Advantages of a single sink

The single hole sink has important advantages focused on space and some other points, we leave you some of them:

advantages of a single sink

Takes up less space than a double sink

A single sink will always have measures smaller than a double one, so it is ideal for kitchens that do not have much space or in those where the use of the entire length of the countertop is prioritized to place electrical appliances, cook or place decorative objects. In addition to this, many people find them more aesthetic than doubles.

If you have a dishwasher, a double sink is more than worth it

If you will only use one sink to lather the dishes and then put them in the dishwasher that will finish the cleaning work, the single-hole sink is perfect for you.

Installing a single sink is very simple

It may be a momentary advantage, but remember that if you do a wrong installation you will get moisture and leaks that can damage the ceramic and walls, so installing a sink correctly is necessary to keep your kitchen in optimal condition.

That is where this advantage lies in the case of the single sink, it is easy to install and uninstall, so you can install it without the help of a plumber.

Disadvantages of a single sink

Actually, there are few disadvantages of a single-space sink, but we leave you some very specific ones:

You use more water than with a double sink

Washing dishes in a double sink can save a good amount of water, allocating a space for washing dishes and another to remove soap from them, in a single sink you will use more water, even if you close the tap several times.

If your home is abundant with dishes or you want a sink to include in a restaurant kitchen, you need a large sink, such as a double sink. In addition, the washing process will be much slower than with one.

Advantages of a double sink

It’s time to examine the advantages of a double sink for your kitchen , which are:

advantages of a double sink

A double bowl sink takes advantage of unusable spaces

Imagine that in your kitchen there is an empty corner since it is difficult to access, you can take advantage of this space by placing a double sink, taking advantage of this corner for the placement of dishes or kitchen utensils momentarily, without this affecting the general aesthetics of the kitchen.

You will save water

Filling one space with soapy water can be used to wash the dishes and the other to remove the soap with clear water. This also speeds up the process of washing the dishes, since to finish it you will only have to place the dishes in a drainer to dry.

They are wide and deeper than a single sink

Double sinks usually have a greater depth than single sinks, offering a space to place more dishes, perfect if there are many in your home or business.

Disadvantages of a double sink

There are disadvantages of a double sink, however, these disadvantages are often taken as such due to misinformation, we will tell you which is, in fact, it is only one:

Installing a double sink is more complex

Although the installation of a double sink is somewhat more complex than that of a single sink, it is not as complicated as it is believed. To install one you simply need two drains and a double siphon that will eventually connect to the drain.


Now you know the peculiarities of a double sink and a single sink, their advantages and disadvantages, so you will already know which one is best for your kitchen.