Shower or bathtub: What to choose?

Comforting baths in the bathtub are relegated to the weekend and the shower triumphs more than ever because it helps us save time. For this reason, in many homes the question arises between a shower or a bathtub. Is it a matter of space, time, money or comfort?

In the market there is a great variety of shower and bathtubs of different styles and designs for you to choose wisely. Let’s look at some.

exempt bathtubs

Exempt bathtub reproducing classic designs

Exempt bathtubs are a very decorative option in large bathrooms, where these can be appreciated well from all angles.

Nowadays, the most current proposals coexist with models that recreate classic designs. The faucet that simulates the old designs reinforces the classic aesthetic of the bathroom. For toilet antique furniture and marble floors provide the final note.

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Built-in bathtub

The built-in bathtubs at ground level give the bathroom a pleasant feeling of spaciousness. If you have a window to the outside, place it in front of it so as not to obstruct the entrance of natural light.

Keep in mind that to make you comfortable and able to stretch, the bathtub should have a minimum of 170 cm.

shower and bathtub in parallel

In parallel and in a single space

Allocating a separate area to the water area by placing a shower and a bathtub in parallel is a very practical option because it prevents splashing in the rest of the bathroom. If you have a window, it is best to place this area under it and place transparent screens to allow the passage of light.

With a half-height wall

In elongated plant baths, planning of sink and shower in line is the option that allows you to earn more meters. The separation between the two can be solved with a wall at half height and a transparent screen that allows the passage of natural light and give the bathroom a light appearance. If you plan the wall with the wide base, you can use it as a shelf to leave toiletries or shower soaps.

A hydromassage column

Shower columns are the simplest and most economical option to have the benefits of hydromassage. These columns have thermostatic fittings and different nozzles for the massage. It is important that the column and its jets should be regulated at the height of the one who use them.

Advantages of the shower tray

The change of bathtub for shower tray is one of the most requested bathroom renovations. More and more households are switching to this hygiene system. What are the main reasons?

advantages of the shower tray


The shower offers speed, so necessary for many during the week. Relaxing baths with time and tranquility are almost exclusive to the weekend, and even so, there are many adult people who completely dispense with them.


The shower requires less water use than the bathtub and that, in the times of savings and sustainability that we live in, is an important value. The shower becomes a more ecological solution than the bathtub.


If elderly people or people with reduced mobility live in your home, the shower guarantees greater autonomy.

Installing a walk-in shower without edges, steps or unevenness changes will prevent dangerous falls and they are also fashionable! Non-slip shower trays further guarantee safety and everyday comfort. Remember that you should also increase security measures with grab bars for the disabled.

Functionality and space

The shower allows you to make better use of the space you have. The wide variety of shower tray shapes (rectangular, square, circular, semicircular…) and sizes (from 90cm wide) will make sure you find the one that best suits your needs. And if what you need is to save space in a small bathroom, it is clear that the shower is the best option.


The shower allows greater freedom of movement and this is once again a favorable factor for the elderly and people with reduced mobility.


Showers bring a contemporary and modern look to the bathroom, especially those built open and at ground level. The variety of materials, shapes and colors available on the market will satisfy all tastes.

And if you don’t want to give up comfort, install a shower column that will help you relax and relieve back tension during hygiene.


Showers have easier access and that simplifies cleaning time.

Advantages of the bathtub

The bathtub is and has been the queen of the bathroom for many years, although lately it is being relegated in favor of the shower tray. But the bathtub offers advantages that the shower tray cannot offer, which is why it is still the preferred one in some homes.

advantages of the bathtub

Play space

If you have children at home, it is indisputable that the bathtub not only makes their daily hygiene much easier but also becomes a play space that all the little ones like. For them it is undoubtedly the best option.

Relaxing moment

If what you need is to disconnect, release daily tension and enjoy a restorative bath, your space is the bathtub. Today they are manufactured with features such as hydromassage, spa, ergonomic shapes, aromatherapy, lights in the water…

Water container

The bathtub can be of great help as a container in the occasions when the water supply in the home is cut or missing.

Laundry room

Thanks to its dimensions, the bathtub is the ideal place to wash large objects that do not fit in any sink in the house.

Some Advices before choose

Whatever your final decision, there are some important aspects that you should not forget:

  • Take the measurements of the space you have well to decide between a bathtub or a shower.
  • If you decide to opt for the shower, think about whether you want to replace the bathtub with a shower tray of the same size or if you prefer a built-in shower that will give you more freedom of measurements.
  • Take into account the change of taps that will be necessary if you go from bathtub to shower. Currently the variety of styles and features is very wide and adaptable to all tastes and needs.