Shabby chic decor in the bedroom

We have already commented on more than one occasion that the shabby chic style is one of the most popular decorations in recent times. British origin and softness in the shades and shapes that we get an environment similar to a cottage home: relaxed and welcoming.

shabby chic style

But what if instead of decorating the entire house we decided to bring this style only in the bedroom? Let’s see what the keys are to get it.

The importance of textiles and prints
The floral prints are high in this type of decorative style. However, when used in a bedroom we can not abuse them. Perhaps a case of Nordic with faded flowers may be sufficient. The rest of textiles that go on the bed, such as cushions, should be smooth or, finally we choose a comforter or duvet cover in smooth, place floral patterns cushions that inevitably will be consistent with the curtains.

Precisely cushions play an important role in the decoration of a shabby chic bedroom. If the bed is XXL, will provide a very comfortable touch, so fill the bed with cushions in many sizes, fabrics and colors, always in the range of pastel shades.

Shabby chic colors
But let’s define a few more predominant colors in this style. The nude tones, the pastel and softer as the pink, green, blue or beige, are best suited whenever combined with white, which may be the color we use for furniture, besides giving much more brightness in the room.

The romantic details, like small ruffles on cushions or vases with flowers in shades similar to those of the rest of the decoration, can be the perfect touch to complete the shabby chic style in the bedroom.