Sewing Corner

We all like to have our little corner, that corner where the problems get away from the daily routine and do what we like. In this article we will focus on all those people who love to sew, knit, do patchwork … and see how to get a place in our house that is our sewing corner.

sewing corner

First of all we have to find a place with enough space, and that the things that are needed to sew need their space, and more with sewing machine. Another important thing is to be a place with natural light, as it will help see better and also thank our eyes.

One of the options to be used as furniture could be a padded, so we can change the fabric from time to time, we can put out there or we can cut our hands smoothly. Then, a few drawers that are of various sizes, so we can organize all our stuff.

At the top, we can always put some shelves, and then put into a tube timber. In there we can put the wires or tapes … Do not forget to use a comfortable chair, and we will spend many hours sitting and it is essential that our back does not suffer. Having an orderly place, and more in matters of couture, will make our work much more efficient and always with a sense of organization.

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