Seal your ceiling and stay chilled or warm

Making sure that your house and home is suited to all conditions, come rain or shine or heat or cold, can be a taxing affair if you don’t really know what to do for each scenario. Thankfully, help is at hand via quick online searches. And, if you are not the ‘do it yourself’ kind of person, then there are several services that are at hand to do so for you. It’s good to shop around and see who offers what versus the prices of other service providers, but in the end you are only going to be doing the right thing by gearing up your house for winter or summer accordingly.

seal ceiling

The roof of the matter

The types of ceiling insulation Gippsland and other regions of Australia can be exactly the right sort of thing to get into your house home. It can act as a coolant of sorts in the summer and in the winter it will keep the chill out. It can be inexpensive and a relatively quick thing to get done, provided your partner with the correct service provider, who should come with a proven track record and a willingness to serve you, not just make a quick buck and move one.

Budget accordingly

Subject to how much space you have across the various rooms and the amount of insulation you will be looking to cover aforementioned space, you are going to have to count up the numbers and ensure this makes monetary sense. Some of the questions you should be asking the provider is how their payment model works – whether they charge per square metre or how they make it work for their customers. Thereafter, you can do the math and see if it tabs up in the right way for you. From there, make a decision about proceeding.


While it might not be entirely needed, it’ll be good to ask if a foreman or some sort of other managerial type person will be onsite on the day. Yes, you will need to trust the workers, but you have every right to make sure that there is a higher person in terms of the company’s employment hierarchy there at the time as well. If you are at work or away on business or vacation, this will also afford you the peace of mind that you require to destress while the job gets done at your home.


Insist that you want a warrantee on the work. It does not have to be all encompassing, but within reason, the work should be covered for an extended period. You should not have to pay extra for this. The insulation and the installation of it should actually speak for itself, all but pledging that the workmanship and product will go the distance. It will also add great resale value to your home, should you ever decide to pack up and sell and move to another house, at which point you can use the same insulation provider as you did back then.