Saving Money in the Office

It’s great if you can save a little bit of money in your office. It doesn’t matter whereabouts in Canada you’re located, whether you’re in the middle of downtown Toronto or you’re in a quieter place like Vaughan, you will have overhead costs to pay and things can get a little stressful. However, if you can save some money on your office products and other equipment, you’ll feel like you’re doing the best you can for your business.

office product

Use less ink
You can save ink by printing less documents and emailing them rather than sending them out to your customers. In order to encourage customers to switch to email documents rather than paper ones, offer a small discount with their next order. Since it will make little different to a lot of your customers, they’ll jump at the chance to save a little bit of money themselves on their next order. This will help you to use less ink and paper, and you’ll cut down on office costs overall.

Turn out the lights
When you go on your break for lunch or a mid-morning snack, make sure that you turn out the lights and any other electrical appliances that may be switched on. Even though you might only be going out of the office for a few minutes, over a year you’ll have saved a fair bit of cash on your utility bills. Get the rest of the office staff to do the same, and you’ll notice the outgoings of your business decrease in this department.

Choose different products
Rather than buying your usual products for the office, have a look at other suppliers and see if they can provide you with greener products. From paper to card to boxes and ink, you will find almost all your products can be replaced by something better. These can often be a lot cheaper too, and most of them can be recycled and used again. Apart from saving some money in the office, it’s great for the environment and you’ll feel like you’re doing your bit to help the planet.

Move your desk
This might seem a strange thing to suggest, but you probably have a lamp or extra lighting on your desk at the moment. By moving your desk away from the shadowy parts of the room and underneath the window, you’ll discover that you no longer need the extra lighting, and you only think to turn on the main lights when it starts going dark. Whereas you would normally have turned the lamps on as soon as you walked in, now you’ll only have to switch them on in the winter time an hour or so before you leave the office.