Save on heating and cooling during the storm

The proper use and maintenance of heating and cooling our homes should be an annual task. However, there are times when we should just pay more attention, for example, in extreme situations, or for contingencies and special weather events climates. Here Columbus heating and cooling give some tips for maintain as stable as possible the temperature of the home.

save heating and cooling

Keeping the temperature inside during storms
During storms, we must know to launch some tips and tricks to keep the temperature at the desired home, without saturating the use of such systems, and without spending more for it.

The insulation of windows is one of the main tasks. Whether to prevent leakage of the internal temperature, as well as to prevent the entry of cold or heat from the outside into the home, we can make use of double frames, creating a cushion in between the plates, preventing the transfer of cold and heat to and from the interior.

Another way to prevent the escape or entry of temperature is to place seals and gums of closure in the windows, preventing air breezes. The doors can also be protected in this way, preventing the entry and exit of air clearances through the top, bottom and side.

During storms, whether wet or dry, cold or heat, we must try to seal up everything, using not only the frames, but also curtains. This will block the entry and exit of the outdoor temperature to the home, as well as water, dust or other related to the storm.

The air vents, the ventilation and other household respirators should also be covered and protected. In this way, avoid modifying the interior temperature, avoiding incurring higher costs for most required performances.

During storms, controls the operation of the systems. In particular gas systems may be disrupted by strong winds, which could cause problems. If the storm is aggressive, you have planned a general court of light, avoiding accidents and short circuits in your electrical appliances because of the failure of wiring.

Once the storm passes, waiting for the air and outdoor climate should settle. Keep the house closed almost hermetically to prevent the entry of outside weather without having to force the heating or cooling system. Well, then you can ventilate your taste and according to need, without cooling or heating the house, more as a result of climatic contingencies.