Romantic style kitchens

As a general rule, when we think of a romantic decor think bedrooms with a huge bed full of cushions, pastel shades, very feminine details, etc. But this form of decorating is not unique to this part of the house.

romantic style kitchens

Other rooms where we spend more time is the kitchen, and therefore we must take care of it in the decorative appearance giving it the same importance as the living room, dining room or bedroom.

Light colors to give softness to the room
It’s time to decorate our kitchen with a romantic style. To create this environment, one of the things to keep in mind and can never miss are the flowers in a centerpiece. If they are natural, much better, but now we can find natural looking even if they are artificial.

Moreover, the walls must also have this kind of colors and even for white contrasting with the furniture in natural wood or if we get a huge light, also will paint the furniture white and will choose, preferably rustic style.

Textiles, wicker and lamps
As for textiles, when placing the curtains they must be made with very diaphanous fabrics with ruffles or ribbons finials and a number of folds. For the upholstery of the chairs from the kitchen you can opt for floral prints or stripes of very fine size. If we have enough space, one of the best decorative details that are in a romantic style kitchen are the shelves where we will place dishes, earthenware vases, cups, etc.

The wicker is another essential element, so one option is to use baskets in which we can place flowers or dried fruit. When it comes to lighting, the lamp should not be precisely discrete; a chandelier is the perfect complement to this kitchen style.