Renew your terrace: Tips to create a small garden

If your apartment has a balcony or small terrace, you have probably considered turning it into your own garden on more than one occasion. Some people are discouraged when reviewing the list of things to keep in mind when we want to create a mini-garden, so we decided to write this article including a series of simple tips: let’s not that difficult!

If you want this space to be the most natural corner of your home, follow these little tips:

garden in terrace

Space distribution
The first thing you have to think about is how you are going to distribute the space. The best advice will be to organize evenly all the elements that you are going to place in order to avoid that in certain areas there is more weight than in others, thus avoiding possible cracks and greater dislikes.

Tip: Choose lightweight materials, avoiding excess weight. Opt for plastic flowerpots, substrates such as hangover and decorative bark, instead of stones to cover the earth.

Pure color design
Surely you want your garden to look colorful and lively with clear contrasts. To convert in the place more joyful to your home, it is a good idea to cover the ground with a mantle of artificial lawn or even natural grass thanks to so-called green roofs.

If it is possible and the size of the terrace allows, we will place a table and four wooden chairs in the middle so that, from there, we can place the other elements avoiding that these remain in a passage area.

Now you have to choose the pots. We will place them by the edges of the terrace. The idea is that you play with the form and you may be able to acquire rectangular pots, square and round pots. And, of course, if you have design elements like small barrels, wooden boxes, etc. Use them as flower pots; these will add a special touch to your garden.

Try to mix cold colors with warm colors to escape the chromatic monotony. For example, it combines green with blue, red and orange colors.

For everything to be illuminated at night, it is advisable to buy some small lanterns that, strategically placed, will make your balcony look like the envy of your neighbors.

garden in terrace

Not all plants are worth
Plants will also play a very important role in terms of color. Although we have to know that not all types of plants are worth to transplant in simple planters.

In addition, we have to know in which part of the balcony gives more sun to choose conveniently a few plants or others and that some need more light than others.

As for the choice, you can combine flowers as a decoration with pots containing small vegetables, fruits or vegetables to create your own orchard.

To be cultivated in pot grow cherry tomatoes, carrots, lettuce, radishes, apples, strawberries and even dill cauliflowers.

All these species mixed with various plants and flowers such as rose bushes, poppies, gladioli or jasmine will give a special touch and smell to your mini garden.

Pest care
Plants also have to be taken care of and, in addition to watering them regularly, it is necessary to avoid insect pests that may arise.

Aphids, mosquitoes, ants… All these insects are very active in autumn and, if you do not treat your plants adequately, these will be able to weaken and kill them.

One of the insects with which you have to take special care is the termites since apart from eating roots or plants also attacks to pots or wooden elements.