Redecorating the house in summer

With very little money and moving some stuff from there to here, placing flowers or removing tables, you can get redecorate the house and refresh it step to manage to confront the summer heats. Look at some ideas for it.

redecorate house

Change the curtains and sofa covers
You can choose fabrics that are lighter and more natural such as linen or cotton, which cause much less heat and light colors always.

Removes wool carpets also not to give warmth and chooses to put some coolest same tissues discussed above that are also much more pleasant to touch.

Aroma Changes
Any house also comes to recognize aromas so it’s an excellent idea to change even air fresheners and if you still do not use any, start doing it now. In a way smell can also see how cool the home.

Opt for citrus scents and fruit flavors as these are the ones we remember the summer.

Change pillowcases and bed cushions
Replace them with ones that are of summer colors and sheer fabrics. In the eyes become more cooling rooms. Cottons, gauze, linens and burlap fabrics are the perfect choice for this time of year.

Control temperatures
If you have the privilege of having air conditioning don’t hesitate to put it but that always if, by controlling the spending that is already one of the electronics of the household that consumes more energy and that the bill can get you fired. If you do not have it and can not afford to install it for now, opt for some other tricks such as lowering the blinds during the day and use fans.

But if you like natural light into your home especially in summer when the days are longer and therefore do not want to have the blinds lowered throughout the day, you can choose to put screens, blinds that are manufactured with a special fabric that lets in sunlight but not the heat.

Review the furniture in your terrace or garden
If your furniture’s are made of wood you can give it a coat of varnish and even daring to paint them bright colors. If you have a garden tries to get an umbrella and put it in the corner that you have devoted to rest or for food. Beach umbrellas are very cheap and are a fun and different option.

Watch your plants
If you have plants on the terrace you can put them in your house if placed in small pots as they get a touch of color at a time that will alleviate the heat outside. Also note that many plants bloom during this time so that you will achieve a very summery inside your home.