Rattan furniture for garden

Before decorating the garden, keep in mind that it is a part of the house dedicated to the comfort and enjoyment of leisure time. Therefore, the most important thing is to choose the furniture that will be used and which will be constantly outdoors, requiring some resistance on its part. So today we will recommend rattan furniture for the garden.

rattan furniture

When choosing furniture that will be put in the garden of our house, think in fresh material, lightweight, durable and comfortable. If furniture meet all these requirements, its will be perfect.

High resistance to extreme temperatures
One of the great advantages of rattan furniture is precisely this, that meet all the requirements mentioned, is also one of the best choices when it comes to buying furniture for our garden, pool or even terrace.

The rattan is a material that reminds us of wicker, but it features different fibers that create fabrics are much more striking than those found in the market lately.

It is a fresh material, perfect for furniture to be placed in a garden and that will be exposed to sunlight many hours a day. This greatly benefits the moment of relaxation and rest, and do not feel a greater sense of warmth in the type of material in which we sit.

Variety of patterns and colors
In most cases, the structure of the furniture is made of aluminum and on it chair, couch or table are created and covers it with rattan. The models are achieved with this material are exceptional.

But the big advantage of rattan furniture is not only that they are made with fresh material that holds the sun, but in times of rain and low temperatures are also highly resistant.

The rattan is actually a plant that grows in the area of Southwest Asia and although, as noted above, it is very similar to the wicker, its stems are solid.

This material also supports stains and lacquers to achieve spectacular finishes that are accustomed to seeing in the exhibitions of modern furniture.