Popular decor trends for your home

Decorating your house is an exciting yet time-consuming task. In order for the house to look welcoming, you have to furnish it with the perfect pieces and choose them wisely. Mismatched furniture or wrong pieces might make the whole place look messy or untidy.

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Over the past couple of years, home decor has grown into a large industry, particularly in Australia with designers always looking at unique ways to create furniture and accessories for the everyday home. Before you buy a piece, have a plan or theme in mind. If its fits your idea or theme then go ahead. It’s now extremely popular to shop for decor online. You can buy anything from lamps, cushions, window furnishings to even large items like leather lounges Sydney.

Some of the most popular decorating trends are:

Shades of Blue: Although Marsala is Pantone’s colour of the year, blue is having its own bit of spotlight. This shade screams royal and rich. Match blue walls with deep wood furniture or a silver mirror for a dazzling finish that will leave your guests in awe. Places to incorporate this colour include; living rooms, dining area, in the kitchen as a feature wall or cupboard interiors.

Open Spaces: Although open plan living has been popular since a long time, it is now growing in other ways. Designers are incorporating the outside inside by having indoor gardens and other features like glass walls to create a larger sense of space. The end result is a larger and cleaner home.

Natural textures: Undefined shapes and organic textures are slowly and steadily becoming one of the top trends of the year and will most likely stay popular throughout 2016. There are tables in odd shapes and raw and unfinished wood being paired with modern chairs for a stunning combination of the old and new.

Metallic decor: Metals are slowly making their way into home decor. Metals like brass, copper and other rose-gold/bronze metals are great to incorporate into photo frames, door frames and other household decor. They give a sense of richness to any look and can be a great way to spruce up old decor.

Tribal Prints are in: Tribal prints are stunning when used in clothing so imagine how they would look as cushion covers, bed spreads or wall tapestries? Prints in bold reds, bright oranges, pale yellows and natural greens together with a neutral palette or browns, blacks, creams and greys. They will make a nice departure from the normal prints you see in decor stores.

Hand crafted decor: A lot of designers now opt to creating their own hand-made designs. Natural materials and organic shapes are slowly getting popular. The design world is slowly supporting and promoting work by local artisans. You can find simple but eye catching pieces on Etsy, which is an online store that support local artists and helps them to sell their products to the world over.

So there you have it – these are some of the most popular trends for you to incorporate into your houses. Try to slowly your work your way in and add items one at a time. Start with basic accessories before changing the wall paint or adding a new piece of furniture.