Plants for outdoor decorating

If we are lucky enough to have a garden or a space more or less comprehensive to have plants can be taken into account as a part of the decor of our home. Outdoor plants serve to decorate and, in turn, give freshness to the interior of our house.

outdoor plants

Outdoor plants are generally strong and durable, but it is always good to consider climate characteristics of our region to look for plants that are better suited, both to those as to the time that we can devote to the maintenance.

Most often when choose plants that we use in our garden (either larger or smaller) is choose indigenous species and try not to overload the space with too many pieces or colors at once. Native species of our region are best chosen because, usually, only need specific care and watering during the hottest months. Any nursery near our home we can find information and advice on which species common in our area.

In general, we can reduce the plants used in outdoor decoration into four groups:

  • Evergreen plants. Trees, shrubs or herbaceous plants allow us to give color throughout the year to our garden.
  • Deciduous or flowering plants. So we have more variety of colors during certain dates of the year.
  • Climbing plants. Ivy is the best known, but there are many other climbers who are very well suited to our space, walls, arches or trellises.
  • Aromatic plants. Lavender, thyme or mint, they need little care and, in addition, we can use some of them for cooking.

We will consider always when looking for plants to decorate the space we have available and the time for maintenance that we have and we can spend.