Planning ahead for a perfect new home

One of the most exciting times in your life is when you finally have the chance to invest in that perfect first home for your new family. Even equally exciting is the feeling of expanding your home because of a need for more space and the opportunity to grow. And then finally, when it is time to downsize and find the perfectly comfortable place for you!

perfect new home

No matter what the reason, there is just something that feels good about looking at new homes and moving into somewhere that gives you the opportunity to make a fresh start! There are some important things to think about when buying a home.

What are some things I should take into consideration before buying a new home?

Price per square footage
Depending on the location, you want to look at the size of the home and make sure that you are getting a good deal for the price that you are paying per square foot. The neighborhood can make the land value go up and down, so take that into consideration as well.

Some people are very particular about the types of flooring that go into their homes, so if you want carpet, tile, or any other kind of specific flooring but do not want to do it yourself, you need to look at that before purchasing.

Work that needs to be done
While there are some people willing to pay a more decreased price because they are willing to do home improvements on the home, there are others who want to buy the house ready to live in. They may not want to have to do any renovations or have any adjustments made. Keep in mind and ask for inspection reports to note things that would need to be changed upon moving in.

If you are not a fan of having to do landscaping, you may want to consider a location that has a small yard on no yard at all, or at least offers services in your area for payment or for free that will take care of your landscaping needs.

Location will not only have to do with what price you pay for your house originally, but it will have a huge impact on what you get for your house when you do decide to sell it. Look around at the neighborhood and the homes around you and see how the property has become more or less valuable in the past years.

What types of homes can I look at?

If you are looking for a smaller residence with little to no yard for upkeep, a condominium is the perfect choice. They have such a beautiful exterior while still giving you the opportunity to have the amount of space that you need. There are some with nice, small fenced in yards that are maintained by an association in the area. These are great choices for people of all ages.

Single-family Homes
Single-family new homes in St George can be a great option for small families or even couples that are starting out with their first home. The design can be done to fit exactly what you are looking for, which can give you the opportunity to grow in the home and make it your own!

Whatever it is that is holding you back from looking for a new place to live, don’t let it hold you back any more. Buying a new home can be a new chapter in your life and an opportunity for you to grow!