Placing shelves

Shelves are a very useful resource when it comes to decorate and maintain an orderly environment. The shelves built in on the walls are usually quite cheap and do not allow you to take advantage that spaces are not used.

placing shelves

At present, can be found in different materials and colors, making them ideal to match the decor of the place where we want to locate. The only important thing is to put them correctly to prevent collapse at any time.

Steps to place shelves
Its placement is so simple that even a novice in the task of decorating, you can do so without difficulty. Simply follow the following steps carefully, and the result will be satisfactory for others.

  • The first is to place the brackets on the wall, in the place where we want to place the shelves and mark the drilling points with a pencil.
  • Then put the surveying aside and with an element we tipped a small hole on each point made with black pencil.
  • With the electric drill and the appropriate fuse according to the size of the hole, the diameter of the dowel and the wall material, perforate the wall where the marks were made with the piercing element.
  • Performed the perforations, should be placed within the same dowel, pressing until it is completely in the hole made.
  • If the wall is hollow, it is best use dowels with anchoring fins to make look better.
  • We again place the bracket in place, pass the screws and adjust well.
  • Proceed in the same manner to position the bracket and the other inside if any.
  • Positioned three brackets, are located on the same shelf and mark side down (the supporting holes of the brackets). We drill and place the screws, being careful not to pierce the other side of the shelf.

Usually, the shelf is now ready to be used immediately.