Placing parquet flooring

The parquet floor is a picture that gives warmth and elegance to the home. Installation is simple and can choose between different options.

place parquet floor

Parquet floors
The parquet floor is a wooden lining that can be placed in short strips or panels. The wood that is produced this floor are hard and noble as oak, birch, mahogany, cherry or composite woods. Some models are already varnished because others should be 2 or 3 coats of paint after placing them.

The choice of the parquet depends on the budget that we have, though, if we put ourselves encourage this type of soil, we will save the cost of placement and can choose a better quality.

Their placement is not complicated; just keep in mind some simple guidelines to achieve excellent results and a job that will last a while.

Steps to place parquet floor
After having chosen the soil that we want and have to acquire, it is not desirable to place the floor immediately. It is best to let it rest in the environment in which we will place it so that it will adapt to the same atmospheric conditions and avoid deformation.

Before placing the parquet flooring we should clean very well the soil where it will support, straightening if there are some imperfections and check that its dry well. If the soil damp, we remove it before placing the parquet.

When the soil has all these features, we can be placing the adhesive recommended by the manufacturer.

Panels are stacked and we leveled using a wooden block.

Remember that the parquet floor rises about 12 mm, so you should brush the doors.

Ideally start by the far end of the door and the placement therein. A good smooth wall is the best option.

Use a strip of wood guides and cord not to twist the string to be placing the pieces. Evenly distribute the adhesive with the notched spatula and see parts carefully. Use a level to check that all are level.

Do not leave space between pieces and if we miss some glue, we should clean it at the time with a little water.

Among the last piece and the wall should be left about 5 mm, this is called expansion joint, the ones with covers then with the baseboard or skirting.

When it comes time to cut the piece, makes a paper template, superimpose it on the part to be cut, mark it and then cut.

The work will be ready. You now have a beautiful parquet floor in your home.