Place the mirrors according to Feng Shui

The mirrors also have their place in the culture of Feng Shui. If you are interested in these issues, today we are going to talk about the placement of the mirrors as this discipline.

Feng Shui mirrors

The answer from the experts on Feng Shui on mirrors generated some controversy and contradictions, but today we will try to shed some light on this.

Mirrors in Feng Shui
As we know, Feng Shui is a set of very ancient Chinese techniques intended to help improve our lives through the decoration, and the flow of energy in our homes and in our body.

Some specialists believe that Feng Shui mirrors can troubleshoot most varied, but others minimize their use. On what there is no doubt, it is that the mirrors offer to us light, a parallel and illuminated world in which to get lost.

Some Tips
The first thing we must bear in mind in terms of interior mirrors, is to avoid that figures, pictures or anything that we reflect record that has a bad Feng Shui. Nor is it convenient that inner mirrors reflect elements related to fire, stairs or difficult corners.

Obviously, the use of broken mirrors or stained is not recommended. Not even those who distort the images or that have certain dark tone.

There is a belief that the mirrors can store information and transmit bad Feng Shui to their new owners. Therefore, is not recommended to use an antique mirror that we do not know its origin.

One position that is not recommended by the experts put it opposite the bed. Why? Because this implies that during sleep we will always have a window open and unprotected environment.

The most appropriate place to place mirrors in the bedroom is inside cabinets or in front of them.