Personalize your garden

Spring has arrived and the countdown begins for the summer. Gradually the sun accompanies us every day for what we want more and more spending time in the garden reading, chatting or enjoying the sun.

personalize garden

When planning your garden, it is very important to try to be a continuation of the style you have in your home. It is not advisable to have a rustic style home and then want to create a garden of the art, or vice versa. There are many decorative elements used to decorate your garden and also make your own personality and style.

Sources, decorative figures, garden furniture … all this together create a very complete garden already the time well adorned. What you can do is if you have a small garden, try putting the source, many decorative elements and a table with chairs, you should always be aware of the space you have. The less is more is an indispensable condition to achieve balanced decor.

personalize garden

In any garden is also recommended to create space and small shadows, either with a canopy, with the positive side that can be removed and replaced, or through some small tree that we can put always giving a more natural touch to the garden at the same time beautifying the whole.

In terms of sources and figures, there are varieties of more practical objects that give a plus to our garden in front of the rest of the community. Forget the typical dwarfs and commitment to something more modern such as lit jars.