Paisley prints

One of the latest trends in patterns is the paisley. But do you know what the paisley prints are? Today we’ll tell you all about this new decorating trend.

paisley print

It is an alternative and bohemian pattern that can give our home that cozy touch that we all seek.

What is the Paisley print?
The Paisley pattern is basically a teardrop pattern. It has an important cultural burden, since according to the country in which it originates, has a meaning or another.

The truth is that the Paisley pattern has some hippie and bohemian touch that can give a room that touch of home are looking in most cases.

It feels like an exotic pattern because it comes from the east. But more surprising is that we can adapt to multiple environments according to our requirements.

In addition, being a lively pattern that can have many colors, both muted and dark as light can be used in both summer and winter. The only thing that we should pay attention in these cases is to combine colors well depending on the time.

Paisley Fabric
Its origins are ancient, dating back to ancient Babylon, and over the years this technique has been improved to get the precious Paisley textiles that we have today. At the time of the Persian Empire represented fertility, life and eternity.

When the British invaded India, the Paisley textiles reached Europe and it was both the fervor that even in Scotland began to manufacture the textile printing.