Paint your furniture colors!

After years and years with the same furniture we got tired of them and would like to change, but probably not the time of disbursement. In addition to the new trends in decor where fashions change very quickly we feel that our furniture is outdated in no time. Do not despair; we have a quick and suitable for all budgets: Paint your furniture!

paint furniture

But beware, not all of it, you have to choose the right color to apply. If you are looking to serenity then chooses blue tones, choose from the tone that best matches the rest of the stay, the range is so wide that it is easy to guess right.

It is the ideal color to give a sailor look anywhere. If you go for the green and prefer the opposite effect to serenity, then mix it with details in bright red tones.

To renew full furniture, safe bets are more electric as the orange and yellow tones. The painted piece called so much attention that the rest of the room you can decorate with very few details. Another option is to paint the chairs each one of a color. May be in the same range or all different.

If you prefer a safe bet or you are more classics, then the best paint colors are white and black. The first will feel clean and is easy to match, white furniture is timeless. And the black will go well for any furniture and transmits elegance.

The solution to paint the furniture is very simple and in just a few hours every room will have experienced a dramatic change. Try it and see how you like it.

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