Paint tiles

If we do not have the economic possibility to change the tiles completely, paint is a good start to give a new look to this part of our home. To do so, we must only be driven by the imagination, combining colors, textures and patterns.

paint tiles

Steps to paint the tiles

The first is to thoroughly clean the surface on which we will work. For that, we use a mixture of water and detergent, rinse well and let dry. There should be no traces of grease, as the paint will not adhere properly.

The joints can be cleaned with a brush, to remove dust, grease or fungi, if any, with the same mixture as in the previous case. Rinse and let dry completely.

The paint to use should be specific to this work, since it do not need to sand or prime the surface before. Before start using it, we must remove and mix well all the content.

This paint is water-resistant, washable, resistant glossy finish and environmental factors to which they are exposed, either in the kitchen or bathroom.

If we are going to paint the tiles completely, ideally do with a roller and then let the first coat dry thoroughly, to apply later the second.

This second hand will eventually cover all traces of tonality or stamped we would tile.

If we do not want to completely change the color of the tiles, we can save. In that case we have to work with stencils, which will have the desired subject draft (we can buy stencils; they come in different sizes and with a variety of reasons).

To paint tiles we can with roller or sponge. We can try on any piece of tile or any old, to check how it with both of those items.