Paint the walls black

When some years ago someone spoke to paint the walls black we looked the hands to the head, however, today it has become a trend in the home.

paint walls black

If we know the accessories, furniture and the rooms in which we must do it, paint the walls black give a distinguished and unique touch to our decor.

The black goes with everything
Obviously, a fully painted and furnished in black room is an attack on the good decorative taste, plus generate a very overwhelming feeling. Yet this well-used color can give a dramatic touch to the walls very interesting.

Firstly, we must bear in mind that any furniture or accessory will highlight more placed on a black surface or wall. In addition, and contrary to popular belief, dark walls create depth to the rooms, adding visual meters. Thus, if we paint a wall of black color, the room will provide a greater feeling of spaciousness and relief. Although not as much as the white, that is clear.

It has always been said that the black paste to everything and that is a truth as a temple. Black is a neutral color, never goes out of fashion and combines perfectly with other colors and with any type of decor. So, paint the walls black can accompany the room with any style of furniture and any tone accessories.

A color that never goes out of fashion
In the case of black painted ceilings, these provide a sense of sunk to making the room appears higher. In addition, the lamps, halogens and any other kind of hanging lighting highlight much more if the ceiling is painted this color.

Nor should we forget that black is a color that is always present, present in some way in every room of the home, which means that, as noted above, ideal to combine with any style.

Does anyone else dare to take the risk? If we choose to stay well and combine a black wall with the rest of accessories in white, the result will be surprising.