Paint or decorate light switches

The small details are what make the difference and this is not just advertising slogan, it is a truth as a temple, as in home decor, the little things are what make a house different from all others. One way to achieve this is by painting or decorating the light switches, for example.

decorate light switches

When it comes to decorating our new house or reforming, a detail that we usually do not set is normally in the light switches. Generally, switches are bland and sometimes very neutral by claiming to be with the decor appear as sad goop in a wall.

Custom Switches
To give a little more life and joy, plus get that twist, will bring some originality by different techniques, but we have to know how.

The first thing is to know what type of decoration have to buy the switches tabs, but also can risk a little more. Some brands that specialize in these products have launched a interchangeable switches with different patterns and colorful prints.

But if you do not like any of those reasons that are already within a collection, you have brought other customization that you can customize in a absolute way through photos, wallpaper, or any other reason.

Decals, stickers and customize applications
We will print the drawing or image on photographic paper and we will have our custom switch.

We can also decorate them with sticker, but not the actual switch but all around it. This is a simple way to be original and well vinyls are easily placed. It is also a good way for anybody to ask where the light switch is.

For the kids room we can also create fun shapes with adhesive that will allow us to decorate the switches according to the taste of them.

So you know, you can unleash your imagination and start customizing your light switches.