Paint new walls

If we are going to paint new walls, we can not do it the same way as previously painted walls. The newly finished walls require a cure time before painting to prevent the high alkalinity of the newly walls revoked attack to the paint.

paint new walls

If we paint with latex paint, we’ll have to wait a month if it is an exterior wall and 3 months if it is an interior wall. If we choose the synthetic paint, must wait six months to one year for exterior and interior.

If we can not wait this long, you should wash the walls with a mixture of 10 parts water to one part muriatic acid, rinse and let dry thoroughly before painting.

If the paint will be performed in a newly completed work or where there are conducting several reforms, is to leave this task to the last minute, to prevent dust that may arise with other arrangements stick to the wet paint.

How to paint a new wall
Prepare the wall and the room. Before applying the paint, we give a hand of fixative or sealant, this will allow us greater adhesion and fixing the paint more evenly. We’ll have to wait about 24 to 48 hours for a perfectly dry.

As much as the wall is new, you can make some kind of crack or blow. In this case, applying plastic plaster with a spatula in very thin layers and let dry. Then sand the area to be left smooth and uniform, and finally remove produced dust.

To cover the floors we can use old newspapers which are the most common and inexpensive, some old sheet or cloth, plastic, etc. Cover with paper tape areas that we consider to be necessary.

Tips for painting. Starts painting is always through the roof or ceiling, then the walls and if more surfaces, is continuous with the doors, then the windows, and finally the baseboards.

You can paint with rollers or brushes. The former are used in large, flat surfaces and edges brushes. The size of both elements will depend on the size of the surface to paint and brush type or roller will depend on the chosen painting. It is appropriate to ask the seller what is the best option.

Remember to keep leftover paint properly to use another time or for a few tweaks.

The number of hands to paint largely depends on coverage power of the painting that we purchased. It is often cheaper to buy a painting of a slightly higher value, but which is great covering power, thus more quickly finish the task of painting. Buy a painting too economic can finish breaking out more expensive, because we will need more quantity to achieve a good result.

If we mess any surface (frames, baseboards, floors, etc…) clean up the paint on the spot, without waiting for it to dry. In this way, it will be much easier.

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