Original ideas for decorating doors

The decor has become a must if we are looking to create our own space to make feel comfortable at home and more if we also want to show our personality through it.

decorating doors

The decor should not always focus it on the furniture or accessories, or even in textile or color of the walls, there are many ways to give a different touch to our home. So today we give some original ideas for decorating doors, such as giving them color.

Doors that are out of the ordinary
It doesn’t matter if the doors are exterior or interior, a little imagination and decorative coherence can convert our doors in the center of our home decor.

When it comes to the doors of our house, it is usual to choose the conservative way, as a general rule, in white, black or color wood, but never dare so bright colors as that in recent years tend to put on the walls.

The type of paint can be lacquer, enamel, glass, etc. We can also give these splashes of color to the decoration by vinyl, of course, colors.

Combining striking colors with neutral colors
As for the choice of the type of paint we need to know that if we are going to opt for bright colors in the doors, we should try to is that the walls or furnishings provided with rather more discreet colors to avoid overloading the house and get a effect on anything resembling what we’re looking for.

If among the shades chosen are lemon yellows, pistachio green, orange or red, it is ideal that the rest of tones that are close are white, black, gray or pink, but always pastel.

If instead of painting the doors, we want to choose decorative vinyl colors, choose soft tones to combine them also is the best choice, the results are surprising and fun.