Original crockeries with vintage pieces

The vintage style is inspired by past ages and centuries, it is fashionable in every detail, both in fashion and decoration. However, if you want to enjoy original crockeries with vintage pieces, it will not be necessary to travel in time.

crockeries with vintage pieces

A vintage touch in your favorite showcase of the lounge will bring you color and much style, no doubt. Original dishes with vintage pieces is easy to get – you can buy it or create it yourself – if you know the keys that define this style that today inspires all sorts of objects, clothing and decorations.

The original vintage dishware, antique or even museum pieces are the starting point for creating current pieces that becomes homage to past times. In general, this type of elements rather than for use is for decoration and if we refer to tradition were made of porcelain exclusively.

Vintage pieces of crockery:

  • The tea sets are the quintessential vintage crockery. They are followed by soup and dishes.
  • The gold accents on the edges or on the handles of the cups, for example, are common.
  • The decorations are always profuse, abundant.
  • Emphasize the drawings of nature such as flowers or plants, always in bright colors.
  • The decorations type countryside or hunting scenes are also typical of vintage style.
  • The shapes are rounded, abuse ornaments.
  • It is not strange that the vintage pieces include ornaments in relief.

If you like vintage crockery, like in general, nothing simple and ornate, are lucky because they are fashionable, it’s easy to find them on market and interior decoration plates, glasses, cups … current and reasonably priced, which mimic and faithfully reproduce this style.

If you like, you can also create your original crockery with vintage pieces; you only need:

  • Basic pieces in white color to decorate.
  • Suitable for crockery, ceramic markers or ceramic decals, among other alternatives you’ll find craft stores or DIY.
  • A conventional oven.

With this basic material, design and create your pieces with vintage-inspired decorations, it will only be a matter of imagination and creativity, and a little skill with the drawings, but it is best to use templates.