Opt for a sober decoration

You may think that a stay sober is boring; however, it is a style of decor that adds elegance to any room. So if you are thinking about betting on a sober and elegant decoration, here are some tips to achieve this.

sober decoration

The key to the sober decoration is to endow the space of a feeling of tranquility where you can relax, therefore, neutral colors, dim lights and natural materials are used.

Tips for creating a sober decoration
If we want to decorate our room with a sober style, it is advisable that we use neutral colors like beige and gray, which can be perfectly combined with white.

Another important point in a sober decoration is the textures and textiles that we choose for our couches and carpets, as they will be elements that bring elegance to the home.

Of course, choosing wooden furniture both for the principal furniture and for the tables will be the best option. And to further strengthen the elegance of the environment we can place oval wood vases of different sizes, sophisticated mirrors or great pictures.

If we have a large space in the living room, we can put a small wooden desk or a small library, it will be another point of elegance.

The key to the understated decor is to go slowly creating a comfortable place where we feel like relaxing.

Other tips for a sober decoration
A sober decor is not synonymous with saturation, so we have to avoid overloading the room with too many decorative elements. Nor should it be minimalist, but simple because simplicity is elegance.

It is important to have classic style furnishings, as well as being wooden, or even, if we have antique furniture, we can restore it and use it.

As for lighting, it is recommended that we use dim lamps, for the purpose of creating the understated decor is cozy and comfortable spaces.

The simple decor is influenced by other styles like Japanese decor. We should not be surprised if we see bamboo on the walls or if there is lower than normal tables, because it can also be part of a perfectly sober decoration.

While we have clear what are the important points of the sober decoration, we can decorate our home as we like. Just remember: wood, neutral colors, simplicity and dim lights.