Open concept decoration

Many times, the definitions in decoration escape us, especially if we are not experts. Therefore, it is important to know some of them to investigate a little further and get the most out of our home decor.

open concept decoration

One of these definitions is known as open concept decor, but what does it mean? Well, as its name suggests, what is sought is to find a sense of openness, freedom, no enclosed spaces, but integration with one another on a continuous basis.

Full integration of spaces
We should not confuse the open concept with loft decoration. It is true that there is a grand opening of spaces in open concept decoration, but still having partitions, is not delete them all at once to make a completely open space, but expand the visual spectrum and the feeling of spaciousness.

What is being sought is to design spaces of open floors. Although there are half walls to separate areas, the idea is that the visual effect is opening.

Regarding the distribution of furniture, this should be very simple but it gets harmonize all environments as the living space will be built.

Integrate indoor and outdoor
The soil will be uniform, as the color of the walls. We can also integrate the outside of the house with the interior, thus achieve open concept decoration. To do this, use XXL windows and ranging from one end to another of the stay.

Regarding the roof, we can leverage the lounge area to attach to the upper floor with a ladder, putting acid glass on the floor and on the steps to increase again the feeling of space and, above all, to get more light.