Necessary tricks to combine cushions

You are correct if you think that the cushions are the perfect decoration to give a new style to stay and always look comfortable, but if you do not know how to combine them you can incur serious errors.

combine cushions

The cushions are inexpensive, versatile and always in fashion; it is important to know how to use them, what to combine, in what number and in what form. Not everything is worth with the cushions, there are trends and unshakable standards that if you do not know, you can break and fail in your attempt to achieve a magazine sofa.

Takes to mix cushions of different forms and sizes, but look with the space and size of your armchair or the area where you are going to put them. It is best to opt for medium-sized but more numerous cushions. In terms of the forms, take the square and rectangular, you can mix with some curl, but do not overdo it.

The key to the season is the different finishes on the cushions, it is important that all your cushions are not from the same fabric. For example, choose some suede, fur, velvet, synthetic hair to blend with the most basic cotton or gabardine. This is the key to bringing current style to your armchair this season. For a sofa of medium dimensions – 2 or 3 seats – with a couple of different textures is enough.

Colors and print
You can mix, but not as many as you want. It is important that the colors and patterns of your cushions do not create chaos on your sofa. Bet on two different prints at the most, for example, geometric and ethnic motifs. For the rest of the cushions choose basic colors that coordinate with the prints, you can choose different tones of the same color, for example.

combine cushions

Although this is a detail that matters more for the functionality of the cushions than for its decorative value is important to take into account. Not all cushions offer the same comfort, strength and durability; some fillings are more delicate, but warmer or more comfortable for example. In general, synthetic fillers are economical and of medium duration, but do not require much care. The most natural as the cushions of feathers are more convenient and comfortable, but are also the most expensive and delicate for maintenance, especially washing.

Plaid and blankets
To complete the style created with your new cushions, do not forget to add some type of blanket, this winter are the plaid and the maxi point blankets. For a more elegant and sophisticated lounge bet on the plaid, while the giant and fat blankets are ideal in young, vintage or romantic lounges, for example.

The cushions are a highly recommended resource to renew a lounge or give you a new air in a matter of minutes, without doing either works or big investments and now you already know how to choose them and to combine them with taste and style.