Natural Plants as a trend!

Separate multiple environments in a stay is sometimes necessary, but it can give a feeling of lack of space if the room is not very wide. We’re going to propose a different solution and very natural without recharging and environment. Divide the different areas with a screen or curtain of plants.

Plants as a trend

You have to choose the plants according to the characteristics that have the room. If it is sunny or not, if in winter it is fresh or warm. Not all plants bear the same conditions and therefore not succeed if you are adverse. It is ideal that the place to have natural light and not that it does not do too much heat.

Plants uses have to cover the space, but not necessarily to make a solid fence. So you can hang from the ceiling where several pots hanging plant species, such as pothos, philodendrons, including geraniums, which may even reach the ground. It weaves together the branches as they grow to make a curtain more opaque.

Another option is to put various potted bamboo plants, fast-growing and high-rise; these will create a denser display. You can also place a lattice or a folding screen or leave that grow above ivy or a bougainvillea. Both plants can grow on the inside with some minimal care. You can even try it with jasmine; also will perfume the room to flourish.

There are many plants that can be used and the result is like having a piece of garden inside. The only advice we give: using plants that do not release many leaves if you don’t want to spend the day sweeping.