Mistakes to avoid when decorating a home

If you are clear about what you want to style your home, you just have to be sure you will not fall into the mistakes to avoid when decorating a home; reviews the list and then set off to decorate your home.

decorating mistake

Being too strict with styles
Have it very, very clear: you’re a fan of the vintage style, rustic or the oriental… it is, but do not admit more interpretations, and you want that style to your home at all costs. It is very likely that if you are not able to be flexible and interpret the style chosen for your home according to your tastes, needs and conditions of your home, the end result is a complete disaster. Do not obsess too much with convictions or fashion; you should be able to find, within a decorative tendency, your own line.

Forget comfort and utility
This error is directly related to the above. In many cases, when designing a decor forgets values such as comfort, utility and practicality, in addition to comfort that should reign in every household. It is imperative never to lose sight of these concepts and apply them to choose all the details that make up a type of decor from furniture, to colors and/or distribution. Commitment to a balance between comfort and design, and in case of doubt, premium comfort: you will be grateful for it in the short term and day by day of your everyday life.

Not taking into account the specific needs of the inhabitants of the house
It is essential, from the beginning of a decorating plan, to adapt it, both to personal taste and the needs of the people who will enjoy it every day. It is absurd to plan a perfect decoration, for example, industrial air with large open spaces in the house when there are different people with very different schedules and needs of separate spaces for leisure or work. The same happens with the homes where there are children or elderly people: it is essential to give prioritize their needs on the principles of decoration, although the ideal is to combine both aspects. With a little creativity, it is also possible.

Ignore the light as an essential decorative element
Although each day are less dark and lack of light, there are still homes where not enough power or decorative power of both natural and artificial light. You need to always go for leverage, adapting furniture and details like curtains, natural light from the housing entries. It is also essential to do a detailed study of the needs of house lights, always combining direct and functional lights with indirect and more decorative lights.

Exceeding the furniture and details
Less is more, also in decoration. The experts agree and always recommend this basic principle. Simplicity is always a success, while excess furniture or decoration pieces usually prove fatal for a home, minus vitality, comfort and style, irretrievably. When in doubt, always buys less things than more, in addition to saving, you’ll have many more chances to get it right. On the other hand, if over time you realize that you need a lamp or an extra table in the dining room, it is always easier to add that to remove and get rid of furniture that spare or cluttered.

Buy without measure or visualize spaces
This is, even today, a fairly common mistake, experts warn in decoration. It is important that when you go out to shop or search for furniture and pieces for your home, have a very clear space for which you are looking for and, in particular, it is essential to take the exact measurements of the place. It is important to have comprehensive and concrete spatial references: please note heights, widths, and other objects or elements of the place. Details like that an armchair prevents the opening of a door or a piece of furniture block a window are common errors that can be avoided, if you’re always going to buy with very clear and specific space references.

Forget the order and harmony
When you face an integral decoration of your home, it is important to choose – if you like – different styles for your stay. However, it is also essential not to lose sight of the general harmony that should reign in the house together. The aesthetic balance is essential if the house is pleasant, quiet, convenient and comfortable; also it goes directly connected to the order that both makes life in a house and it is appreciated everyday.

Risk with colors
It is not prohibited to risk; on the contrary, you can do it, but it is important that you do it in spaces that support this type of experience. For example, it is much more advisable to go for bright colors in the kitchen or lounge, places of passage and in general, with lots of activity; that dedicated to rest or work requiring greater concentration and relaxation places. Before the chromatic doubts, go for basic and neutral colors – gray is a good choice – with occasional touches of color and details like cushions or carpets.

Focus on an area and forget other
Distributors, hallways, bathrooms and even kitchens are sometimes overlooked by decorating a home. However, it is wrong and can ruin the style and overall feel of your home. It is important that divide efforts, time and budget to give a style to every corner of your house. No need to do everything at once, but get organized and keep in mind this advice to not ignore anything.

These mistakes to avoid when decorating a home are not complicated to remember, only require some attention and now you know them, you don’t have excuses for incurring them.