Minimalist decor

Each person decorates his house according to his nature. Therefore, if you orderly and methodical, you will love the minimalist style. Many people believe that minimalist is synonymous with bland and tasteless, but it is not. Here we will prove.

minimalist decor

Let us start from the premise that less is more. Not for recharging a stay of miscellaneous items get it more cozy we’ll probably get the opposite effect, because then we will never tire of seeing each occupied space. The minimalism adds peace and harmony to the spaces.

We must choose textile plain or patterned soft, the furniture will be of simple lines and their placement will be symmetrical to give sense of equality and continuity. The colors chosen are soft (warm, neutral tones is the best choice) and no major contrasts between them so they can pass almost unnoticed. The materials used are glass, wood and metal, always lighter versions. An advantage of the minimalist spaces is that it is very easy to clean and always seem to be sorted.

On this basis and with the help of ornaments and small details you can get different decorations according to the time of the year in which we find ourselves or according to the trends and have the certainty that everything fits with your minimalist decor.