Meat Grinder Buying Guide – For All Those Who Love Minced Meat Recipes

Meat grinder is a very handy home appliance, which is used to grind meat into fine pieces. You can find variety of meat grinders these days, and they come with different features for you to choose from. In this post, we will talk about things that you need to consider before buying them, and also about how to use them.

meat grinder

Meat Grinder Types
Some of the commonly available meat grinders in the markets today are listed below:

Manual Meat Grinders
This type is commonly used at homes for crushing meat into fine pieces. If you do not want to spend money on a stand mixer, then you can consider buying the manual meat grinder. It can crush the meat of about 2 to 3 pounds, at one go, and is ideal for homes because you will not be eating minced meat every day.

You can easily fix the grinder onto the table or kitchen slabs temporarily, with the help of the clamps that come with them. It stays stable until the grinding work is done, and does not cause any problems like shaking or vibrating, when it is switched on.

Standalone Meat Grinders
The standalone meat grinders work with electricity, and hence are also referred to as the electric meat grinders. They are best suited for heavy-duty tasks, and are generally used at the sausage or burger shops, where they need to make minced meat every day.

They are available in many types, and the expensive ones come with additional features like extra tubes, plates, and other such components.

Meat Grinder Attachments
The stand mixers that are used to grind meat at homes can be connected with some additional attachments. They will help you grind many things, other than meat. You can grind the meat directly in the mixer bowl, and also mix it with the other ingredients, needed for the recipe. They aid you in preparing your lunch or dinner faster.

There are some important things that you should understand about using meat grinders. Some of them are:

  • Meat grinder works well under cold temperature. When you introduce warm meat into the grinders, there may be some chances of the meat getting smeared on the grinder, which could spill out the tasty fat contents. Make sure that you cool the meat below room temperature, before adding it into the grinders.
  • Trim the meat well, to help your grinders to mince the meat into fine textures. They work best when the meat is chopped into smaller pieces, and make sure that no bone pieces are sticking to the meat. If the meat looks too wet and starts to pour out, then you have to clean the grinder and start the work from the beginning.
  • The mincing blades are an important part of the meat grinders and they require proper care, than other parts of the meat crushing unit. The smearing of the meat onto the grinder parts is caused mainly because of the blunt blades. Always make sure that you check about the blade condition, before using them.

The meat grinders indeed serve as the best appliances for those who enjoy eating minced meat, and who doesn’t?

Make sure you check out the meat grinder reviews by the users to learn about the reliable brands in the market. That will help you in making the informed buying choices.