Maximize space in a bedroom

The bedroom is an important part of the house, that we seek peace, quiet and sleep or rest. It is therefore very important that it is comfortable.

space in a bedroom

We all dream of a spacious and bright home, but sometimes reality presents a totally different house than we ever imagined, with spaces and in which we must sharpen our wits so that they fit their specific functions. The rooms where rest or where our children play, should be decorated and furnished so that all areas can be fully exploited, because we can not afford to waste a centimeter.

Tips to optimize space in a bedroom

Many times the size of our room is not ideal or we want and therefore we should try to maximize space. The following are some tips and practical ideas to help us in this issue:

The color of the walls is a fundamental aspect to be considered, its must be light colored, because its give visual feeling of spaciousness. The light color or pastel must be present both on the walls and ceiling and floor.

The lamp must be attached to the wall above the bed or to the sides of it.

If we have closet, it is best that the doors are sliding, so we will not have problems when wanting open space. If there is no cupboard in the wall, be good also acquire a wardrobe with sliding doors, and if necessary, ask a carpenter to do with the measures we want to not waste any space.

When choosing or putting together the wardrobe, cupboard or closet, try to opt for the more functional, i.e., one that allows us to store long garments, short and somewhere for those who do not use too often as handbags, shoes, etc..