Materials for kitchens: Wood

Traditionally it has been ruled out the possibility of adding wood in the kitchen, because this material is very resistant to heat and moisture. But currently there are oils and other accessories that address the lack of strength of wood in certain situations.

materials for kitchens

If our house is located in the field or we just have a little homey flat with a rustic atmosphere, wood will be our great ally.

Rustic atmosphere in the kitchen
No more, thinking that wood is invalid for cooking material. Today there are countless varnishes, resins or oils which will allow us to clean kitchens from wood with total peace of mind. Therefore, if you decide to incorporate in our wood stove, floor, or kitchen cupboards should not worry about the issue of cleanliness, as with any of these components or moisture, and heat spoil this beautiful and elegant material.

So this environment that we propose is not too all the same, we can opt to place only certain parts of the kitchen with wood. For example, only the floor with parquet or only the cupboards. We can also choose the typical wooden kitchen bar. But surely, this style will be correct if the rest of our house has a rustic or provencal atmosphere.

Combining wood with a minimalist style
In any case, the use of wood in the kitchen need not always be limited to provencal homes. For example, we can combine the wood in a house following a minimalist style. The contrasts give personality to our home.

But if we are not too daring, we can simply incorporate in our kitchen a wooden countertop with irregular shape. It will not call both the attention and the previous combination, but it will give original touch to our home.

And, although the wood is a classic material, if we include it in the kitchen we can give our home a traditional touch at the same time that modern.