Making a dressing room in a small space

You need not give up your dream, surprising and discover how to make a dressing room in a small space that is often just a matter of knowing how to look for other forms of meters offered by your home.

dressing room

If you want a dressing room do not let the meter will halt and discover how to make dressing room in a small space, it is not impossible and it can be also the best way to take advantage of narrow, unhelpful or bright spaces for example.

Surrounding areas of little or no use
To find space for your wardrobe, a good alternative is to study the rooms adjoining the bedroom to want to add the dressing room. Sometimes a too small toilet, a unused balcony or little light, a room that you only use for storage … can become your dressing room in the simplest way, and you just have to pull a wall partially or totally and enable as dressing room that toilet you never use, for example.

In the room itself
How many furniture now have in the bedroom? Wardrobe, chest of drawers, tables, racks … eliminates all, measures the room and only has space for the bed and dressing room… just discover that you have more space than you thought. To make a dressing room, in principle, do not need more furniture in the room with as to the distribution of space is much simpler.

Mobile dressing rooms
Perhaps the problem for you is not so much space as you think the work involved in making a dressing room; also it is true that the dressing room need more space, but if you create a mobile dressing room? You can do it with panels, screens or even curtains. The idea is to visually separate one area of the room but not be walled construction. Remember to take advantage of all the space from the ground up to the ceiling, hanging shelves for storage boxes installed in the higher areas and in the lower choose drawers, for example.

Other distribution
For the most extreme cases, the solution is always your priority is to invest have a dressing space. For example, consider raising the bed – especially if your home has high ceilings – and at the bottom installed dressing room. Another option is to reduce the size of the bed or buy a folding module for the space you use for the bed is the minimum and maximum for the new dressing room. In either of these bullrings that facilitate you how to make a dressing room in a small space, remember to always bet on dressing room in light colors – preferably white – with a great organization and a very practical sense of the distribution according to your needs and available space.